The Sulha Research Center is the first established effort to study, preserve, and disseminate existing and evolving Sulha-related knowledge into the academic, legal, policy making, conflict resolution communities and the public arena.

The Sulha Research Center is located in Israel, in the town of Shefar’am (Shefa-amer), in the North of Israel, where several prominent Sulha makers reside.


To become an active repository, research and dissemination center of Sulha-related knowledge.


To preserve existing and evolving Sulha-related knowledge; to conduct and promote Sulha-related research, and to make the product of this research available to the academic, legal, policy making, conflict resolution and lay communities. To provide the academic, legal and policy making communities with a center for analytic and predictive Sulha-related research; to help inform current and evolving Middle East/Moslem dispute resolution theory and practice with relevant, local dispute resolution theories and practices. To inform the discussion about the similarities and the differences between Middle Eastern and Western dispute resolution methods, and where possible to cross-fertilize both ADR practices.

Executive Director: Dr. Doron Pely