Pre-Sulha Reception Line Dignitaries wait for disputants Victim's family receives the Diya Sulha Committee members confer Dignitaries endorse the Sulha agreement Post Sulha feast
Victim's brother return the Diya money Pre-Sulha meal Preparing the Riya flag at the victim's home Sulha procession under the Riya flag Disputants families meet at the entrance to church The Sulha Agreement

This page contains literature relevant to Sulha research.

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A Sulha ceremony took place in the Village of A’eblin, on February 21, 2009. This ceremony signaled the end of a conflict between the Salman and Farouni families, that started on July 23, 2005, when Taufique Farouni, age 66, murdered Dr. Nasser Nur Salman, a 66-years old gynecologist. Consequently, Taufique Farouni was found guilty of […]

Sulha ceremony took place Feb 27, 2009, at the “Beit El Shaab” (People’s House) in Shefaamer near Nazareth. The ceremony brought to an end a conflict that started when on May 16, 2004, Whehebe Moheen, a man in his 60’s murdered Manal Najeeb Abu Raed, his widowed daughter in law, wife of his son, and […]