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A Sulha ceremony took place in the Village of A’eblin, on February 21, 2009. This ceremony signaled the end of a conflict between the Salman and Farouni families, that started on July 23, 2005, when Taufique Farouni, age 66, murdered Dr. Nasser Nur Salman, a 66-years old gynecologist. Consequently, Taufique Farouni was found guilty of […]

Sulha ceremony took place Feb 27, 2009, at the “Beit El Shaab” (People’s House) in Shefaamer near Nazareth. The ceremony brought to an end a conflict that started when on May 16, 2004, Whehebe Moheen, a man in his 60’s murdered Manal Najeeb Abu Raed, his widowed daughter in law, wife of his son, and […]